Initial Startup Plan

Here is the start-up plan.

  1. Raise at least one million dollars.
  2. Recruit and engage a board of directors (required for nonprofits).
  3. Officially do the paperwork to start nonprofit organization.
  4. Hire a small group of nonprofit managers and experts.
  5. Craft an initial strategic plan.
  6. Set up organizational structure, procure resources, hire staff.
  7. Solicit experts and volunteers.
  8. Begin the work… raise more funds… distribute grants to truth builders.

Certainly we’ll make improvements as we bring in expertise and experienced staff people, but this is the initiating vision.

Plan for Recruiting Advisors

Here is the initial plan for recruiting advisors.

  1. Will seek social scientists who study persuasion, belief, learning, behavior change, political science, etc.
  2. Will seek research translators to support scientists and make findings practical.
  3. Will seek politicians from all parties.
  4. Will seek media members and bloggers.
  5. Will seek celebrities and opinion leaders.
  6. Will seek to go viral.