Facebook’s Fake News Crisis Deepens

As reported by the BBC, Facebook’s Fake News Crisis Deepens, allusions that Facebook posts played a roll in tipping the U. S. election.

As reported by the Washington Post, Facebook and Google take steps to dampen effect of fake news.

Trouble with the Plan

I learned last night that I shouldn’t raise funds until I actually have a nonprofit already in place. That sucks because the time is ripe to move on this…

A little research found several other options, finding a nonprofit to partner with, or finding a fiscal sponsor. I’ll look into these.

Most move quickly!

Hmmm. New wild thought. If this nonprofit thing is too cumbersome, maybe we could fund in another way…

Facebook Examines Whether Untrue Posts Influenced Election

Before election day, one post on Facebook claimed falsely that Pope Francis endorsed Donald Trump. It was accessed almost one million times. Many more false stories were posted and spread. Facebook is now doing some heavy soul-searching, as they should.

Read about it at the New York Times…

This is the kind of serious reflection that we as citizens — and our institutions — should be doing more broadly and more routinely.

Post-Election Frenzy

November 11, 2016
Message from Will

Today is Friday, Veteran’s Day, three days after the election that saw Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton (and some folks from the Libertarian and Green Parties). The election result was a major surprise to almost everyone because somehow almost all of the polling was wrong, even the candidate’s private polling.

I admit, I didn’t like the result. Donald Trump seems unprepared, unrelentingly hateful, and generally incompetent. Still, maybe he’ll surprise me and do some good things while avoiding doing things that are really dangerous and harmful.

This is my first post for Make Truth Great Again, and so I thought I should give you a behind-the-scenes look at how things got started. I have to admit, the last three days have been so frenzied and so emotionally crazy, that I’m a bit fuzzy about what transpired. Here’s what I remember…

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