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How the Fake News Folks Do It

Great Washington Post story by Terrence McCoy on how the fake-news folks do it and why they do it (money!). McCoy follows the work of two twenty-somethings who write fake news stories, mostly for the money, but it seems partly because after voting for Obama twice and being raised in liberal families, the economy has […]

How Fake-News Websites Make Money

Washington Post article on how fake-news websites make money. And here’s how this might benefit Facebook: “Google has more of an incentive to make information reliable,” Carroll noted, because Google’s business is based on providing accurate information to people who are looking for it. Facebook, though, “is about attention, not so much intention.” It’s generally […]

Author of List of Fake-News Sites Speaks Up

This past Monday, Melissa Zimdars, assistant professor of communication and media at Merrimack College, created a list of fake news sites for her students. She also posted it to the web, where it proceeded to go viral. Today, in the Washington Post, she wrote that fake news stories are only part of the problem.   […]