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Brendan Nyhan, Professor of Government, Says Fact-Checking Can Help

Writing for the New York Times Upshot column, Brendan Nyhan claims that research he did with Jason Reifler shows that fact-checking can make a difference in people views. Covering the 2014 election, the research shows that people’s beliefs could be changed. Here’s the abstract from the research: Though fact-checking’s prominence has grown in recent years, […]

America’s Fake News Problem Predates Facebook

Jason Mittell and Chuck Tryon writing on Vox, make the important point that fake news is not unique to Facebook. Indeed, its history may be traced all the way back to 1951. As you might expect, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News come into sharp focus as predating Facebook’s problem with fake news. It’s a really […]

Nick Kristof’s List of Conservatives to Follow

Nicholas Kristof recently wrote an article arguing that to enable healthy conversations on political topics, we should all reach across the aisle and seek perspectives beyond those of our political tribe. Many of us, including me, asked him which conservatives we should follow. Here’s who he recommended: @DouthatNYT, @MJGerson, @StephensWSJ, @JoeNBC, @peggynoonannyc, @reihan, @arthurbrooks, @ayaan, […]

Snopes Editor Blames Mainstream Media, Not Fake News

Jessi Hempel writes on Backchannel that Brooke Binkowski, Managing Editor at Snopes blames the mainstream media not fake news for the rash of misinformation. I don’t think her argument holds up to scrutiny — as it’s doubtful that more and better correct information is likely to automatically wash away lies and falsehoods — but it’s […]