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NY Times takes on Truth and Lies in the Age of Trump

The New York Times has published an editorial mourning the loss of reality-based political discourse. In this major statement from the grand old lady, they argue that Americans are simply less interested in truth and more interested in following a story line. Trump, they say, has brilliantly jumped into this post-truth environment to manipulate a […]

Clinton Campaign Utilized Fake News Too!

Glenn Greenwald, the guy who ushered Edward Snowden’s revelations into the world, writes how the Clinton campaign — despite Hillary Clinton’s recent complaints about fake news — actually used fake-news methods itself in trying to discredit Wikileak’s documents on Clinton’s email fiasco.

Dean Pomerleau is Gathering Geeks to Crush Fake News

Dean Pomerleau (on twitter at @DeanPomerleau) has issued the #FakeNewsChallenge to bring together Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expertise to solve or at least lessen the fake news problem. You can sign up to join the fake news challenge at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfJAMXy_iOXnfh-m6jbsbRAm0xwFUlQRD5VWLyuExq2rD0GmQ/viewform. You can see the Fake News Challenge website at: http://www.fakenewschallenge.org/

Pope Calls Fake News a Sin

The Pope has labeled fake news a sin, saying that spreading “disinformation is  probably the greatest damage that the media can do.” Huffington Post headline: Pope Warns Media Over ‘Sin’ Of Spreading Fake News, Smearing Politician