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A Long and Brutal History of Fake News

Jacob Soll, writing on Politico, writes a spellbinding history of fake news. Worth the read. Fake news ain’t new! Here’s some of what he wrote (this is the good news): One silver lining in this long and alarming history of fake news is yellow journalism and its results—from civil violence to war—caused a backlash, and […]

Conservative Reaction to Facebook’s Announcement Against Fake News

Facebook today came out with a plan to limit the negative repercussions of fake news. The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, puts out news via the brand, The Daily Signal, which has a Facebook page. When they asked their readers/viewers today what they thought of Facebook’s announcement, the responses were enlightening. Basically, their audience […]

Wow! There’s a Fact-Checker’s Code of Principles

Poynter has organized an International Fact-Checking Network. People can sign up as signatories if they accept the principles espoused. It looks like — for a pilot program they have initiated — Facebook is requiring their fact-checkers to become signatories. Here is the initial paragraph of their website: The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) at Poynter is […]

Facebook Begins Assault on Fake News

Nice article by Craig Silverman of Buzzfeed: Facebook Turning to Fact-Checkers to Fight Fake News Another good article by Mike Isaac of New York Times: Facebook Mounts Effort to Limit Tide of Fake News Another good article by Nancy Scola of Politico: Facebook: We’ll start flagging fake news Another good article by Jeff Jarvis, CUNY […]