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Great Article about Fake News in 1896.

Check out this nice article in the Atlantic, written by Adrienne LaFrance, that shows that fake news is not just a new thing. Quote from the article: “It could not be foreseen that a time would come when a partisan press would seek to mislead the people,” a columnist lamented for The Davenport Daily Republican […]

Gary Kasparov Pens Interesting Article on Truth in Russia and the United States

Here is a quote from the article: The credibility of today’s democracies depends on reinstating the value of truth—something that no number of social-media followers or cybercapabilities should be able to subvert. At the moment, we are experiencing a cultural crisis in which propaganda has a tactical advantage. It is easy to lie; finding the […]

Is There Any Room for Optimism or Are We Doomed to Live in a Misinformation World?

Many smart people are throwing up their hands and have given up, believing that our current political-information system is doomed to failure. For example, see Harvard professor Bhirat Anand’s thoughtful article. Here are some of the many arguments for this pessimism: Donald Trump is a sociopathic liar and will be lying through his presidency. Social […]

New York Times: Trump Keeps Lying — And What It Means

This website is being built to fund a nonprofit organization — Truth For Democracy — that will (hopefully if funded) provide a nonpartisan effort to “make truth a virtue again in our American political conversations.” Of course, nonpartisan does not mean BLIND! So we must report when our most powerful politicians continue to push falsehoods. […]

Harvard Professor Says America’s Political System is Doomed.

In a deeply intriguing and rather depressing article, Bharat Anand describes how fundamental forces are working together to encourage a dysfunctional political process. And he doesn’t see any way out. Anand ends with this: Three forces combine to create the media coverage of political campaigns we observe today: connected media, which spreads messages faster than […]