National Review Says Fake News is Not the Only Problem

David French, writing on The National Review, points out that sometimes reporters lose perspective and don’t look at the full picture of their claims. He calls this the Gullible News, the reporters being gullible, not the readers per se.

National Review Calls BuzzFeed Data Into Question.

The National Review’s Paul Crookstone rightly points out some of the flaws in BuzzFeed’s widely reported (we reported it here) story claiming that Americans engaged more with fake news than with real news on Facebook.

The Mainstream Media Focused on the Wrong Things

Nice video by Vox, describing the problem of the election, focusing on the horse race not the issues.

Nice Experiential Article on How News Headlines are as Big a Problem as Fake News

Daniel Ketchell, writing on Medium, offers a great article on how news headlines are as big a problem as fake news. It’s a great read, as he takes the reader on a journey to show how the news actually works these days.

What It’s Like to ONLY Read Fake News

Great article by Simon van Zuylen-Wood on Politico. He decided to only read fake news for a week. The article nicely describes his experience there.

One thing he concludes is that getting rid of the commercial fake-news producers won’t stop folks who are conspiracy theorists from spinning real news into fake news.