When Trump Lies, How Journalists Should Handle the Lying?

Eric Umansky, editor at ProPublica, interviews Brendan Nyham on his worries that Trump is breaking the informal norms of democratic process — in a post entitled: How Journalists Need to Go Beyond Fact Checking Trump.

Brendan Nyham:

“The story here is that the president-elect of the United States has yet again made a baseless claim. That is the story. The story that the president-elect is more factually-irresponsible than any political leader in the United States in memory, that’s the story.”

Eric Umansky:

What I think you’re saying is that if you just sit there and do a fact-check and frame it around well this happens to be false, you’re doing a disservice to your listeners and  readers because you’re not giving the full picture and the full picture is something stronger … [a more accurate framing is that] in yet another part of a long pattern President-elect Trump has offered another unsupported claim…

Basically, Nyham is jumping up and down to tell journalists NOT to normalize Trump’s penchant for egregious and repetitive lying.

The podcast is 18 minutes, 22 seconds. There is also some written text as well at the link above.


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