Onward to Starting a Nonprofit

Late yesterday afternoon I got great news. It looks like it’s fairly easy and quick to start a nonprofit in Massachusetts.

Also, I got some great feedback from my wife — who works in the nonprofit world — on the website and the prospective name of the nonprofit. Specifically, she hated the name I’d chosen, Truth Farmers… and she is right of course. It’s a terrible name. All the obvious names were taken, including TruthSeekers, TruthBuilders, TruthFinders, etc.

So late last night, I found a much better name, Truth For Democracy, and as soon as I can, I’m going to create a website deserving of such a great name…

Also, I’ve begun reaching out to get feedback and ideas on how the website and messaging looks… It’s great to get input. Nobody, especially me, has a corner on the truth. SMILE

Anyway, I’m starting the day with a happy heart…

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